Annata 365 for Dynamics

Annata 365 for Dynamics is an industry-specific packaged solution that takes care of valuable assets* throughout the whole value chain—from configuration to scrapping.

The solution is deeply embedded in the ecosystem surrounding  Microsoft Dynamics 365  and comes with features that helps manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and renters meet the challenges facing the industry today. Features such as IoT, AI, and cloud services. With this solution all employees in your organization, regardless of their role, have access to mobile applications that will enable them to perform their tasks professionally and accurately and finish them in time—wherever they are.

*We use the term “valuable asset” to describe something that has a serial number. It can be a car, a trailer, or a motorcycle. It can also be industrial, forestry, or agricultural machinery. Or even a hand tool.

Features in Annata 365 for Dynamics

Orango is the sole supplier of Annata 365, and together with Microsoft and Annata’s international supplier organization, Orango can offer companies that work with valuable assets the ability to:

  • quickly implement standardized business processes specific to their industry and make your company more agile in a world that is constantly changing;
  • be more flexible so you can quickly change your operations when new technology or changing customer needs require it;
  • fully integrate the most important business processes;
  • strengthen your commitment to your customers on all levels;
  • gain ongoing access to global real-time data via Power BI regarding sales, business opportunities, and trends.
  • create proactive processes for an asset to prevent errors;
  • move several current over-customized systems to one standardized cloud-based solution;
  • integrate all the most important business processes into the ERP system in order to increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity

      Customers and References

      The selection of customers and references below has been chosen to illustrate the breadth of the companies that benefit from using Annata 365 for Dynamics.

      An American Manufacturer of Vacation Vehicles

      This is a company with over 600 employees and almost 600 retailers. Several of its departments previously used three heavily customized, inflexible ERP systems. Its goal was to eliminate as many systems as possible and gather as many processes as possible into one single system. The solution was Annata 365 Dynamics, where the company could consolidate its processes for manufacturing, retail outlet, and spare parts and warranty management in one platform. The company appreciates that the workload for handling warranty claims alone has been reduced by half since switching to Annata. There has also been a significant decrease in incorrect or excessive warranty payments.

      Brimborg—A European Vehicle Distributor and Dealer

      Brimborg has a long history with Annata and is making full use of the system. Annata 365 for Dynamics is the only system it uses to manage imports, distribution, sales, and service for several vehicle brands. Business processes for both ERP and CRM have been optimized and digitized through an extensive modernization of both back-office processes and the user interface.

      In only five months, Brimborg managed to move all processes for managing imports, distribution, sales, and after-markets from older systems to one single platform. This was all successfully done despite the fact that Brimborg distributes cars and other types of vehicles for more than 10 different brands (Volvo Cars, Ford, Citroën, Mazda, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Bus, and Volvo CE, etc.).

      All our DMS-processes are supported just as well—or even better—by Annata as by our previous systems. From day one, Annata has had a very positive effect on all daily routines in the organization. Service times have been reduced incredibly, since all necessary information is only a click away.

      Egil Jóhannsson, CEO at Brimborg

      Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE)—Heavy Machinery

      Volvo CE was looking for a DMS system that would increase the efficiency of all its processes throughout Europe. The previously customized and internally developed systems had been used for over 20 years and had been outdated for quite some time: It was time to switch to a modern ERP system.

      Volvo CE chose Annata as its end-to-end solution for Central Europe and plans to eventually implement the system globally. Thanks to Dynamics 365 and the Annata solution, Volvo is now able to digitally transform the whole customer experience and increase digital customer engagement at the same time.

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