Progressus—Integrated Project and Business Support for Consulting Companies

Running a successful consulting business is like putting together a three-dimensional puzzle where the pieces are constantly moving. The challenge is balancing consultants, resources, and projects in the best way to create good profitability and continued growth. Without the right tools, the job of planning, assigning resources, and following up the financial results for every project—and the whole company—can easily become overwhelming.

The project management system Progressus has been developed specifically for project-based businesses as an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It will give you control over both your project and business processes—from sales, budgeting, and resource planning to time reporting, cost control, and profitability analysis—all in a fully integrated solution.

A Total Solution for Smart Project and Business Management

Benefit from the power of the Microsoft universe—Progressus is fully integrated with Microsoft Common Data Services, which makes it simple to share data with the ERP system Business Central as well as Office 365, Excel, and Power BI for in-depth analyses.

Support for process automation—Project management and an ERP system in an integrated solution opens up new possibilities for automating administrative processes, reducing manual tasks, and minimizing the risk of errors.

Developed with the user in focus—With a super-modern interface and mobile apps, everyone from consultants and project managers to controllers and business managers gets a much-wanted system for planning, reporting, and follow-up.

Best practice built in—Thanks to the fact that Progressus is built on many years of experience selling project-based consulting services, you gain access to the collected knowledge of the market.

Wellpackaged in the cloud—Progressus, together with Business Central, will give you a fully cloud-based solution. All the standard features are accessible directly in the cloud, and the solution can easily be scaled up as your needs change.

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Christian Nordqvist
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Full Control Over all Projects—And the Whole Company

Progressus will give you an overview of people, resources, and data, and will help your company gain full control over both individual projects and your operations as a whole.

Give your project managers the tools to plan, run, and follow up successful and profitable projects—with clear responsibilities and full trust. With Progressus and Business Central, it will be easier to follow up good results and to predict and eliminate any risks.

Let your consultants focus on the customer experience—not on project administration. Progressus simplifies planning, time reporting, and cost control with the help of user-friendly mobile tools. When all project data is collected in one place, compiling costs and invoicing are so much easier.

Improve financial follow-up with an integrated solution that makes it easier to follow up on both individual projects and overall operations. Integrations with Excel and Power BI make it possible to look at all the underlying data from every angle and present the conclusions in the best way.

Make the right decisions with a solution that provides management with decision-support information, visualizes the results for the whole business, and lays the foundation for smart business decisions that ensure your organization's continued growth and long-term profitability

Great Knowledge of Project-Based Consulting

Orango is not only the biggest company in Sweden when it comes to Dynamics 365 Business Central; we also have great experience working in a consulting organization. We know what it takes to handle the complexity of being a consulting company focused on project-based services and have experienced the challenges of a traditional ERP system that is “not enough.” In all the projects we work on, we combine our knowledge of Microsoft's solutions, Progressus’ smart features and our own experience as a qualified consulting company.

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Christian Nordqvist
Christian Nordqvist
Telefonnummer: 042-400 52 15