Bison—The ERP System that is Shaped by Your Way of Doing Business

With full control of the system and deep knowledge of the Swedish trade industry, we can offer a very competitive solution in the form of the ERP system Bison—all in a package that will appeal to those of you who want to focus on your core operations.

  • Intuitive and efficient
  • Can be tailored to fit your processes
  • Includes a dedicated team of consultants with an understanding of your operations
  • Comes as a cloud solution for simpler day-to-day operations

Let Your Needs Decide

Orango owns and develops Bison, which gives our consultants total control over the system and its processes. You will have your own team, which will become experts on how your business processes work in the ERP system. With good knowledge of both the system and your operations, not only will your team be able to help and support your day-to-day work, it will also come with informed suggestions for improvements and help for carrying out your development projects.

Do You Want to Know More About How You Can Optimize Your Operations Using Bison ERP? Talk to Me!

Peter Lindecrantz Lowrez
Peter Lindecrantz
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