4PS Construct—An ERP System for Construction, Installation, and Service

With an integrated customized ERP solution—with all your project information in one place—financial control is improved. Having fewer manual tasks also leads to increased efficiency and reduces the risk of errors.

4PS Construct is an overall ERP system customized for those who work in project- or service-oriented organizations. With an established solution and our specialized knowledge, we will help you gain better control over projects and activities connected to results and profitability. An integrated ERP system also minimizes the risks associated with manual routines and having islands of information in different systems.

  • Financial and industry-specific features in one single ERP system
  • Ongoing access to the latest features
  • Joint portals that simplify cooperation, control, and information sharing
  • A scalable solution with a fixed price per user and per month

A Unique Combination of Microsoft Business Central and 4PS Construct

4PS Construct is based on the technology in the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The Dutch company 4PS has developed its ERP system specifically for companies in the construction industry (construction, service, and installation). With 4PS Construct, you will have a complete solution that gives you total control of profitability in your project and service jobs.

4PS is easy to work with, and we get the right information in the right place, which gives us full control over our operations.

Mikael Eliasson, CEO Radiator VVS

Customers Who Use 4PS Construct

Tried and Tested Project Model—From Analysis to Administration to Support

Throughout all our projects, we follow a tried and tested project method. We help you every step of the way—from the needs analysis until the implementation is finished—giving you steadfast support from the start of operations and during the transition to regular use and maintenance. We start with the standard 4PS product and then tailor any additional integrations, reports, education of super users, etc. to your needs—everything to make you feel secure about your new ERP system.

Ongoing Access to the Latest Features, at a Fixed Cost

4PS Construct is built as a solution for every customer, where customer-unique additions and customizations—both local and global—are gradually made available to every user. All upgrades are included in the price. This means that you and your colleagues will always have access to the latest features at a fixed cost per user and per month.

One Industry, one Technology, one Product

With 4PS, you will have an ERP system filled with the features and support you need to comply with the extensive regulations and norms in the construction, installation, and service industries. This ERP system also includes features for CRM, estimates, tenders, budgeting/forecasting, purchasing, project planning, time reporting, document management, as well as accounting and finance.

Different portals in the ERP system make it easier to cooperate, both within an organization and with sub-contractors and other external parties involved in the projects.

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