System Integration

The key to a more efficient business platform and increased digitization.

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System Integration

When your systems communicate better with each other, your entire operations are more efficient. System integrations are the key to creating a functional IT structure that is organized, has automated flows, and is not dependent on any applications. This will streamline administrative processes and increase the digitization pace for the whole company.

We can support you all the way, from the integration strategy, choice of an integration platform and integration engine, through the implementation of your integration project to the maintenance and monitoring of your integration solution.

Integration for a Stable Digital Ecosystem

Your company wants new and modern IT services, great flexibility, and the ability to make full use of the value in the data generated by the various services. The IT department needs to be able to respond quickly (preferably proactively) to needs, supply you with the right business systems, and create order in a complex application landscape.

How does this work?

One of Orango’s experienced integration partners can help you:

  • Come up with an integration strategy
  • Create a sustainable integration architecture with the correct integration engine
  • Develop new integration flows
  • Support and maintain your solution
  • Establish an integration center

All of this is done either in the cloud, on-premise, or with a hybrid solution—completely depending on your needs. Our integration specialists will be there every step of the way.

The integration team is good at explaining what can be done but also very attentive and good at evaluating what is actually needed and what will be used together with the client. The consultants are pro-active, friendly, and provide a high level of service.

Nicklas Fagerkvist, CIO at Scandbio

3 Steps To Functional System Integrations

Connect is the method we use to deliver integrations to you, whether we are helping you come up with an integration strategy or implement a full integration project.

The three phases of the method meet your needs at the right level:

  1. Strategy—Defines the current position and desired position and defines guidelines for how to work with system integrations from both a technological and an operational perspective.
  1. Establish—This is where we set up the platform, structure, and solution pattern.
  1. Run—We will help you establish an integration center that can run maintenance processes and support further development of the integration solutions.

Microsoft: Biztalk Server and Azure Integration Services

We work with Microsoft's market-leading integration platform, BizTalk Server, and everything new that is happening in Azure Integration Services. We are also partnered with Kovai Ltd., which offers software such as BizTalk360, ServerLess360, and Atomic Scope for monitoring Microsoft’s integration platforms.

Package Solutions for Structured System Integrations


Connect is an integration project method that we have developed ourselves. We use it to deliver integrations to you regardless of whether we are helping you come up with an integration strategy or implement a full integration project.


The product BizTalk360 aims to solve the challenges of large enterprises when it comes to the day-to-day job of monitoring and managing BizTalk Server.

BizTalk Server 2020

With BizTalk Server, you can automate your company’s business-critical processes. The integration platform will give you the support you need to adopt a hybrid strategy in your digital transformation journey.


ServerLess360 is a tool for managing and monitoring integrations in Microsoft Azure. It is a product for managing and keeping track of your integration solutions in the cloud.

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