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Customer-unique web solutions and applications that support your business processes.

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Customized Web Solutions

Tailored Application Development

Ensuring that your systems support your company’s needs will make your day-to-day job and business operations more efficient. But your present business platform, ERP system, or digital tools might not be able to fully solve your problems. We can help you with tailored, complementary, or complete solutions and applications.

We solve our customers' unique problems by developing customer-unique software, both on a small and large scale.

The solution is customized to your needs, is not locked to any particular platform, and can be developed further for years to come.

A Long-Term Partner With Complete Life-Cycle Management

Tailored solutions—We will customize the solution to your company’s needs without being locked to any particular platform or system.

Complementary solutions—Solutions that will enrich your current business system by adding features that either do not exist or would be too complicated to build into the system.

Complete solutions—Sometimes, the solution your company needs is not available on the market at all. We will build it for you!

User-friendly solutions—Our architects, developers, UX designers, and UI designers have the experience and skills needed to build truly user-friendly applications.

Innovative solutions—We use modern technology and modern services to build progressive solutions.

Customizable solutions—Since Orango is not locked to any particular platform or technology, we can develop solutions based on the varying needs your company is expected to have for many years, which will give you applications with a long lifecycle.

Long-term solutions and relationships—Of course, Orango will be there for you all the way from the analysis, requirement specification, architecture, design, and system solutions to follow-ups, maintenance, and support.

Orango has been the system supplier of our unique process support solution Program for Technological Standards (PTS) for over 10 years. System development, maintenance, and support for our large operations is an extensive commitment that requires a committed IT supplier like Orango. PTS is used as the business platform for construction processes in 16 of the 21 Swedish county councils today.

Charlotte Bruun, R&D Manager at Regionfastigheter i Jönköping

Burning Desire or Burning Platform?

A need for customer-unique solutions and applications can arise when a company wants to create a competitive advantage and strengthen its position within its market segment. There is a desire to digitize processes and a will for change. We call this burning desire. If your company needs help building a unique system or supplementing your current system with additional unique features, we will help you. We start with your company’s needs and tailor the application using modern technology.

In some situations, present systems have reached their end-of-life point or must be replaced for some other reason. Maybe because the tool has become sluggish and cumbersome to manage. Maybe it was acquired when the company's needs were different. Sometimes support and maintenance are discontinued for platforms critical to a company’s operations. We call this a burning platform. These are large, time-consuming, and expensive projects for most companies. If your company is not ready for a large system change, we can modernize and supplement your current one with new features in simpler ways.

New Possibilities With Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

We use Microsoft’s cloud service Azure. There are many reasons for choosing cloud services for IT solutions. Azure comes with a range of different services, and new ones are constantly being added. There are also quite a few services that you will not have access to in your own environment. These can be anything from Power BI to Azure Functions and Logic Apps. Using these kinds of services as part of your complete solution will give you enormous possibilities. It will not take long to build solutions that used to take years of development.

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