ServerLess360—Monitors Integrations in Azure

ServerLess360 is a tool for managing and monitoring integrations in Microsoft Azure. It is a product for managing and keeping track of your integration solutions in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Integration Services

Microsoft has collected its tools and technology all in one place—the cloud. You will build your integrations using services in Azure, such as Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus, Functions, and API Management. Complex solutions can now be managed in the cloud, but just as with on-premise solutions, they need to be monitored on a day-to-day basis.

Monitor Your Integrations

You need to monitor your integrations in order to find out when something has gone wrong or whether there is a stoppage. To simplify this process, you need a tool that can keep track of a solution that consists of multiple services within Azure, such as Service Bus, Logic Apps, and Event Hubs. ServerLess360 will help you seize control over your integrations in Azure and enable you to monitor them as one cohesive unit.

We Are Experts on ServerLess360

If you use Microsoft Azure Services to build your integrations, you need ServerLess360 to monitor and manage them. ServerLess360 will gain more features as Microsoft continues to develop the Azure platform. If you combine a cloud and an on-premise solution in a hybrid integration solution, the new product Atomic Scope could be the right way to go.

We will help you figure out what your needs are and find the best solution for your integrations.

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About Kovai Ltd.

Kovai Ltd. is an independent software company founded in 2009. Its products BizTalk360 and ServerLess360 aim to solve the challenges companies have when it comes to the day-to-day job of monitoring and managing BizTalk Server. The platforms offer abilities such as hosting, monitoring, and analytics for Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure Integration Services.

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