Connect—Efficient System Integration

Functional system integrations are the key to succeeding with your digitization efforts. Connect is the method we use to deliver integrations to you regardless of whether we are helping you come up with an integration strategy or implementing an integration project.

An integration project should have a quick effect on operations, but it also makes heavy demands on the organization. Our method, Connect, came together over several years and is based on our own experience and best practice from leading analytics companies. The method is divided into three phases to meet your needs at the level that is right for you.

  1. Strategy: Defines current position and desired position as well as guidelines for how to work with system integrations from both a technological and an operational perspective.
  1. Establish: This is where we set up the platform, structure, and solution patterns.
  1. Run: We will help you establish an integration center that can run maintenance processes and support further development of the integration solutions.

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