Warehousing Productivity—Follow-Up for Warehousing and Logistics Operations

Warehousing Productivity is an automated BI solution with visualization functionality in Power BI that helps our customers streamline their warehousing operations.

Warehousing Productivity is a BI solution that gives companies better control of their operations through automation. The solution automatically fetches flows, information, and time records from the system you use to manage your warehousing operations. The solutions allow for direct adjustments and approvals via a user-friendly web interface. Reports and follow-ups are easily visualized for further analyses using Power BI. This ensures the quality of the information and makes it accessible throughout all levels of the organization.

Warehousing Productivity Gives Your Company:

  • High-quality information
  • Clear improvement potentials
  • A web application with business data that you can use for adjusting time records, registering indirect activities, and approvals
  • Fast and easy follow-up with Power BI
  • Increased productivity thanks to focused management by objectives
  • Well-informed employees

Besides helping us improve our own internal processes, improvements to the logistics flow also improve quality for our customers.

Tobias Johansson, CIO at Bergman & Beving Logistics

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