The planning tool Planner simplifies budgeting regardless of which ERP system you use.

Instead of a time-consuming budgeting and forecasting process, Planner gives you:

  • Shorter planning processes with increased accuracy
  • Increased opportunities for cooperation and participation
  • The ability to control and follow up all goals on every level of the organization
  • Quality assured information regardless of which ERP system you use—a single source of truth
  • Quick insights and action proposals that improve your results
  • Faster and more efficient financial statement processes and regular follow-ups of your operations

    We have used Planner to do our budgets for the last two years, and the results have been amazing. We save an enormous amount of time and can focus on analyzing the information instead of collecting and controlling it.

    Lars Bergh, CFO at Elgiganten Logistik AB

    Faster and More Efficient Financial Statement Processes

    There are many challenges in the budgeting and forecasting processes:

    • Time-consuming data-collecting processes
    • Information processing instead of analyses and improvement work
    • Lack of commitment at the company
    • Deviations between overarching strategies and the financial plan
    • A complicated ERP system environment

    Planner consolidates the accounting process and enables operational control on every level.

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