Marketing Analysis

Data provides us with insights into human behavior online. When you understand these behaviors, you can begin to influence people’s decisions. By regularly experimenting with and adjusting the way you communicate, you can increase your conversion rate and reach your outcome goals faster.

To ensure that your digital communication efforts yield the results you want, you need to base your campaigns and activities on data. Then you can observe how your target group actually receives the message.

The analytics tool Marketing Analytics simplifies this process. The application follows your marketing activities and provides regularly updated information from the most used social media channels, all in one place.

All Your Data in one Place

Collect data from the most-used social media channels on the market. Marketing Analysis consists of a package solution for marketing analysis with Power BI as its analytics tool. Historical data is stored in an Azure SQL database.

Examples of Data Sources:

  • Website (Google Analytics)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Newsletters (Mailchimp, Apsis, etc.)

    Draw Conclusions Quickly via Visual Dashboards

    Follow and gain a good overview of your digital communication activities with Marketing Analysis.

    • Get an overview of the numbers you are the most interested in following
    • Take advantage of a visual dashboard that you can customize yourself
    • Compare data from different platforms
    • Immerse yourself in the data with drill-down functionality
    • Create reports and share dashboards within your organization to increase understanding

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