Master Data Management Systems

The master data—the information—is your company’s most valuable asset. In order to have reliable bases for decisions and to be a competitive force on the market, you have to make sure your data is high quality and is managed optimally.

Data Control in 7 Steps

One of the most important assets for any company is information. Most businesses generate large volumes of data, which makes Master Data Management a critical factor for success for all companies.

Masterdata Management (MDM)

MDM is all about collecting all the data your company generates from various systems and sources and merging them into one accurate data point. This will give you more reliable bases for decisions, simplify administration processes, and, most importantly, improve data quality. Efficient information management will add business value immediately.

Orango has been working with MDM for many years. We have helped many customers evaluate their needs and implement the most suitable MDM system and thus ensure the quality of their information. Our customers are more competitive thanks to increased insight into their operations, an IT landscape that is easier to manage, and more efficient administration when inaccurate data is cleaned out.

7 steps

MDM in 7 Steps is our method for helping you take control of your data. We divide the steps into three phases.

Phase 1: Health Check (Pre-Study/Demands)

1. Define: Determine your information needs and the size of the project.

2. Analyze: Examine current data quality.

3. Evaluate: Find out how this affects your operations. Alternative MDM systems.

Phase 2: Roll-Out

4. Implement: Roll out your chosen MDM system.

5. Prevent: Predict and prevent future quality issues.

6. Correct/Cleanse: Ensure the quality of existing data.

Phase 3: Management

7. Management

Take the Temperature on Your Information—Have a Health Check

Phase 1, Health Check is a preparatory measure to map your current situation before a possible implementation of an MDM system. During a health check, all business systems used at your company are analyzed to see if the information is standardized, complete, current, valid, and unique.

This process will give you insights into your company’s data—where information is generated and consumed. Based on this, we can give you recommendations on how it can be managed more efficiently.

Health Check Offer


  • Two-day workshop
  • Current situation
  • Goals
  • Gap analysis


  • Goal model
  • System map
  • Process description
  • Effects on Operations
  • Action plan
  • The organization, roles, responsibilities

We have, for example, helped the DIAB Group implement a MDM system for its global order and forecasting systems.

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