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Data analytics and decision support that will give you new insights into how to create smarter and better business processes.

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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

With more data available than ever before, it has become easier to quickly make better and smarter business decisions. But large volumes of information also increase the need for order, structure, and data quality. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence help you collect, analyze, and visualize your data to create a foundation for good decisions.

We offer everything from decision support package solutions to projects that are fully tailored to the needs of your organization. With extensive experience in artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and machine learning (ML), Orango creates the solutions of tomorrow. We will help you transform your data into business insights—so you can optimize your operations and your business processes.

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Business Analysis—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

An open platform and independent consultants—Our data analytics services are not tied to a particular ERP system or analytics tool. They can easily be integrated with different solutions in different parts of the organization.

A single source of truth the whole company—With one single BI solution, regardless of which systems lie behind it, you will save time and money on reports and compiling data. The same facts for the whole company reduce the risk of contradictory conclusions.

Integrate new and old data—By importing information from older ERP systems, you can analyze and compare data from today with historical data without unnecessary licensing costs for obsolete solutions.

Visualize your insights—A modern BI solution makes it easy to visualize, share, and distribute data and insights throughout the organization. Presentations can be customized to the needs of different users to maximize the benefits of the business insights.

Everything in the cloud—A cloud-based solution for data analytics makes you and your company more flexible. Invest in a cost-efficient solution that meets your needs today and can grow and be customized as your needs change in the future.

Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics

Orango is a Microsoft Gold Partner—Microsoft’s highest accreditation in Data Analytics. This means you can trust that we work with tried and tested BI solutions and have the skills and experience needed to make your project successful.

Data Analytics for Your Organization

Professional Business Analysis

Our package solution for business analysis will set you on track quickly. Analyze your entire operations or choose from the modules for sales, purchasing, inventory, finance, production, and HR.

Power BI GO! for Business Central

Our package solution Power BI GO! is fast to implement and is connected directly to BC/NAV via associated web services.

PBA Business Analysis BC/NAV

Our package solution PBA Business Analysis for the ERP system BC/NAV is a more extensive solution for reporting and following up entire operations.


Benefit from machine learning throughout your rostering processes of allocating and scheduling labor resources as efficiently as possible.


The planning tool Planner simplifies budgeting and forecasting, regardless of which ERP system(s) your company uses.

Data Control

Ensuring the quality of both data and processes is necessary in order to ensure reliable foundations for decision making. Our service Data Control will help you take control of your master data.

Marketing Analysis

Improve your insights and sharpen your marketing efforts with Marketing Analysis. This application will collect all relevant market data in real-time and simplify analyzing your activities.

We Will Help You Take the First Step—And Reach the Goal

Our initial gap analysis will quickly provide you with an overview of how we can help your company improve your business analysis with the use of data analytics and business intelligence. After that, we are with you all the way—from source mapping, designing a joint data model, and securing data quality to installing the right BI solution, quality testing, and educating the organization. We also offer ongoing technical support agreements—so you can focus on the business analysis instead of the technology behind it.

The solution fits us like a glove. It has been operational for less than a year, but we have already had a positive return on the investment thanks to increased sales.

Magnus Sjöström, CIO at Svenska Hem

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Do You Want to Learn More About How We Can Help Your Company Make Smarter Decisions? Contact Me!

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