Welcome Change—Regardless of What Kind of System You Need

For five years in a row, Orango has been ranked one of the five best suppliers of business-related IT. Read more about the whole range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and additional services we offer, and contact our experts. Regardless of which system you choose, our goal is always to improve your business operations.

ERP Systems

First comes the business. Then the system. We will help you handle the changes in the market today with a system that will add to your profits, even tomorrow. Step one is to identify which ERP system is best suited to you and your operations.

Data Analytics

We work with both customized and package solutions for data analytics and decision support that will provide new insights, improved efficiency, and, finally, improved sales for our customers. Machine learning will also ensure that we can create next-generation solutions.

Software Development

Based on your business operations, your demands, and your needs, we will come up with concrete and useful digital solutions. We can tailor solutions or build them from established platforms. What all our solutions have in common is that they improve your company’s business processes.

System Integration

System integration is necessary to create efficient IT systems and also creates opportunities on the digitization journey. With smart integration solutions, we will help you throughout the whole integration process, from strategy, architecture, and development to maintenance and support.