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Sydved Optimizes Application Development on the "IBM i" Platform

A large and complex ERP project is placing new demands on Sydved’s tailored application resting on the IBM i platform. Together with ARCAD Solutions, Orango has implemented a DevOps tool for streamlining Sydved’s development work and increasing the quality of the IT systems.

A Leading IBM i Consultant

Orango is one of the leading consulting companies when it comes to the IBM i platform and have been developing Sydved’s tailored applications for many years. Its operations demand truly reliable systems, and there is no tolerance for delays and errors. The cost of failure is very high at a company where operations are running around the clock every day of the year to ensure uninterrupted deliveries of raw materials.

A Long-Running ERP Project Makes Heavy Demands

Sydved’s applications have all been integrated with the Swedish company Biometria’s ERP system . Biometria is now switching ERP systems, which will have a massive impact on the whole forestry industry and any companies associated with it in Sweden. Customizing Sydved’s system to a new system structure and the integration between its application and Biometria’s new ERP system is a complex project that will take many years. In order to handle the challenges, reduce the risks, and maintain a high work pace throughout the project, Sydved and Orango have decided to implement a DevOps solution.

DevOps for a Flexible Approach dy

DevOps combines software development with hosting and support (Dev from development, and Ops from operations). It enables flexible development methods and continuous testing and distribution of new features that are in line with company needs.

“Considering our business-critical system and the large-scale development that will be happening over the next few years, we needed to find another way of delivering changes to the system and eliminating errors. A DevOps solution will help us automate routines, development, and testing, which will optimize the development work,” says Örjan Vorrei, CIO at Sydved.

More Efficient Development With Tools From ARCAD Solutions

Sydved and Orango carried out an extensive mapping process to define goals and ensure maximal benefit. The choice fell on a solution by ARCAD software, which has been developed especially for the IBM i platform. The tool was installed in the development and production environment of IBM i.

“Orango and the ARCAD solution help us streamline development processes and increase the quality of our systems. This will also make installing new or changed programs and databases easier, which is crucial if we are going to be able to meet our customers’ and users' demands,” concludes Vorrei.

Sydved buys timber from forest owners in southern Sweden and also offers full-scale forestry and advisory services. The company works closely with a network of entrepreneurs and carriers. Sydved is owned by Stora Enso and Ahlstrom-Munksjö, and purchases about 5 million cubic meters of timber every year. The yearly turnover is approximately SEK 2.5 million, and altogether Sydved has about 125 employees. The headquarters is in Jönköping.

Orango and the ARCAD solution help us streamline development processes and increase the quality of our systems, which is crucial if we are going to be able to meet our customers’ and users' demands.

Örjan Vorrei, CIO Sydved

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