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A Customized Industry Solution Is a Perfect Match for Strukton Rail’s Operations and Processes

A fully integrated ERP system with features customized for the industry became the perfect solution for Strukton Rail. Together with a dedicated system operator and a committed staff, the whole company is working on optimizing its processes.

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Strukton Rail is the largest railroad entrepreneur in Sweden. It maintains current railroads, subways, and streetcar tracks and builds new ones throughout Scandinavia, focusing especially on Sweden and Denmark.

The previous systems did not have the service features needed to fulfill all of the company’s needs. There was also a need for following up processes in a better way. In 2013, Strukton switched to 4PS Construct, a total solution customized for service companies that supports all the main processes, including sales, finance, purchasing, service and machinery maintenance.

Compared to the systems we have used in the past, it is clear that 4PS is completely customized to the needs of our operations. We have also put quite a lot of effort into configuring key areas to make the fit even better.

Stephan Winkler, System Owner, Strukton Rail

Smoother Flow Simplifies the Work and Makes Integrated Third-Party Systems More Efficient

Strukton uses a number of third-party systems, which have been integrated with the ERP system 4PS Construct. Together with Orango, Strukton has created a workflow that is as smooth and optimized as possible.

Reporting and follow-up were also two important parts of the project. With the help of business intelligence features, the system can be used to analyze data and create relevant decision support.

“Being able to know what is going on and act on it, that is the most important thing. The next step is to work on being able to visualize data in a better way and, in particular, to make it more accessible throughout the organization,” says Winkler .

Strukton and Orango are working together on improving reporting processes. One of the results is that you can easily drill down to the lowest transaction level to make sense of and act on the data.

“It is an easy way to get an overview and see what you are responsible for and then act on it, regardless of where in the organization you work,” says Winkler.

Education Is The Key to a Successful Implementation Project

Strukton is always working on improving both its own internal processes and also how the system is used. Users are encouraged to provide feedback and come up with ideas. At Strukton, there are currently more than 300 4PS users, and most of them are involved in improving processes and features.

Winkler emphasizes that educating the staff on how to use the systems is one of the keys to a successful implementation.

“It is important to go back and evaluate any training efforts so that users do not simply go back to their old way of working,” he explains.

Among other things, Strukton uses movies as a supplement to manuals when training its staff. It makes it easier to follow up on the training, and users can go back to the material again on their own.

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