Orango | Stiga Sports uses Microsoft Dynamics 365

Stiga Sports is based in Eskilstuna,
Orango is based in Scania.

“We’ve had a successful long-distance relationship for many years,” says Stiga Sports CEO Håkan Fridh.

For generations, customers all over the world have fallen in love with Stiga Sports products: table hockey games, table tennis paddles, and toboggans, to name just a few. The company’s head office, a large warehouse, and manufacturing are all based in the Mälardalen region, east of Stockholm.

“A smooth ERP system is crucial to an efficient flow throughout our operations,” says Håkan.

A Long Long-Distance Relationship

Stiga has been using Microsoft Dynamics AX since 2007. The cooperation with Orango’s consultants, however, goes back farther than that.

“We became acquainted as early as the beginning of the 1980s, when we were going to buy computers from a company in Åhus, Scania—a company that was later acquired by Orango,” explains Håkan.

Over the years, the partnership between Stiga and Orango has grown stronger, despite the 500 kilometers between their offices.

“Considering that we are based in Eskilstuna, one would think that it would be more natural for us to choose a supplier in the Mälardalen region. But we have been working with these consultants from Scania for a long time. Familiarity with both people and operations is the main reason the partnership works so well. We have developed a personal relationship,” says Håkan.

Stiga Sports’ Logistics Developer Lars Söderkvist also testifies to a successful long-distance relationship.

“Orango is accessible. The consultants are never more than a phone call or e-mail away. We are always directly in contact with the developer and work together all the way across the finish line,” says Lars.

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The Benefits with Orango

As Stiga has expanded, the ERP system has occasionally faced new challenges. The last time was in 2013. Orango’s ability to look beyond the standard solutions has been what has impressed Lars the most.

“Among other things, Orango has helped us with the complicated process of solving our need for a WMS without having to look for external solutions. Orango has helped us add those features to our existing system. This has saved us both time and money,” explains Lars.

According to Håkan, Stiga has always had the same approach when the ERP system has needed to be updated.

“We have never started by looking at other systems. We have always turned to our consultants to see what they can offer. That has turned out to be the right decision,” concludes Håkan.