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Professional Business Analysis Saved Scandbio’s Data

Scandbio decided to switch ERP systems three years ago. At the same time, they also needed a flexible system for business analysis. But what would happen to all the legacy data when the ERP system was switched?

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Scandbio - Stable pellets and heating pellets for natural energy

A Flexible System for Processing Incoming Data

Scandbio produces wood pellets and wood powder that are then sold either in bulk or small bags. So, Scandbio produces so-called biofuel, an environmentally friendly alternative to oil and coal. Customers range from homeowners to large cogeneration plants. Demand is highest during the cold winter months, but the sales flow is always high. The need for a more flexible system to manage incoming data has increased.

“In 2014, we had already decided to switch to the ERP system AX 2012. One of the challenges we faced was that we did not want to lose all the data we had accumulated over the years,” says Malin Andrén, Head Controller at Scandbio.

The project manager for the implementation of AX 2012 told Scandbio about Professional Business Analysis (PBA), a system for business analysis that can easily be integrated with other systems.

“Instead of compiling reports manually, which takes a long time, I can spend more time on improving our operations.”

Malin Andrén, Head Controller at Scandbio

Module Systems for Business Analysis

Professional Business Analysis consists of several modules. The modules are implemented depending on what the company wants to measure.

No sooner said than done! Scandbio switched to the new ERP system and also implemented several PBA modules. Thanks to these implementations, the system could collect both the old and the new data.

PBA captures information and data concerning selected business areas and collects it all in a data storage solution. With the help of the data storage, Scandbio can analyze its operations and streamline its workflow.

“From the perspective of a controller, the increased efficiency gives us more room to work proactively. Instead of compiling reports manually, which takes a long time, I can spend more time on improving our operations,” says Andrén.

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Malin Andrén, Head Controller at Scandbio

Flexible Compilation of Reports

Thanks to PBA, compiling analyses and data has become a much more flexible process, and Scandbio has been involved in deciding which information should be included. Another advantage of Orango’s system is that it can be set up to connect people who are dependent on each other’s data. Now Scandbio has all the information available for the various modules in the data storage solution.

Comprehensive Sales Support

“Our sales consultants can work much more efficiently while out in the field. When they are visiting a customer, they can easily bring up and show data and information about all the customer’s orders. So, in the meetings with the customer, the ability to show real-time data has become much better now,” says Andrén.

Scandbio is currently using the Sales/Order, Warehousing, Purchasing, Production, and Finance modules. The last one implemented was the module for managing purchasing data. Orango is actively working on quality assurance and making sure that the modules are updated with accurate data.

Ensuring that the data is always current and accessible is one of Orango’s strengths, and that makes me feel like our company is in safe hands. We are very happy with Professional Business Analysis and will continue to use that system,” says Andrén.

Scandbio offers a completely renewable energy source made up of by-products from the forestry and sawmill industries. They operate in the Swedish market but also have sales branches in Denmark and Germany. The company has eight factories: seven in Sweden and one in Lithuania. It has 140 employees and is owned by Neova and Lantmännen. Scandbio has a yearly turnover of about SEK 1 billion.

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