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IntegrationSystem Integration With a Customized Strategy for Scandbio

Increasing digitization and a need to be able to follow the company’s business demanded more of Scandbio’s integrations. Together with Orango’s integration team, Scandbio has come up with an integration strategy and has implemented the integration platform BizTalk Server. The complex application landscape is now under control. This streamlines the organization and makes customer deliveries more secure.

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A Growing Application Landscape Created New Needs

The IT projects have been coming thick and fast at Scandbio over the last few years. A new e-commerce store. A new ERP system. A new CRM. More suppliers and a broader customer base. This is what met Nicklas Fagerkvist when he started as the new CIO in 2017. His first year was spent getting the complex application landscape in order and increasing cooperation across departments.

“We created an IT team with representatives from each business area,” explains Fagerkvist. “We put the brakes on some things, got other flows to work better, and were able to more easily identify and prioritize our needs.”

Having access to accurate data and being able to follow a sale all the way from production through ordering and shipping to delivery and invoicing was a prioritized issue. With the help of an IT coordinator and various partners, Scandbio has become much more digitized.

System Integration is a Necessity for Digitization

Digitization on every level, however, demands a lot more from system integrations. The existing in-house server needed to be replaced with a much bigger server park, and the requirement for integrations with different systems increased. It was time to go from point-to-point integrations and manual input to a carefully thought out integration strategy and platform.

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Put time into the pre-study, go through the analyses, prioritize the strategy work. It will be noticeable when decisions have been made too quickly or have not been according to plan.

Nicklas Fagerkvist, CIO at Scandbio

Integration Strategy With Orango’s Team

Several suppliers were sent requests for tenders, but the choice quickly fell on Orango. Projects that had been done with Orango in the past regarding other business areas worked well, and the integration team was highly competent. Geographical proximity was also a deciding factor, since good and close relationships are important to Scandbio.

A fundamental  strategy process  was started.

“My general advice for any IT project is to put a lot of effort into the preparatory work. Put time into the pre-study, go through the analyses, prioritize the strategy work. It will be noticeable when decisions have been made too quickly or have not been according to plan. Trying to save money on this phase is being penny wise and dollar foolish,” says Fagerkvist.

The Integration Platform BizTalk Server Fulfilled Scandbio’s Needs

BizTalk Server fulfilled Scandbio’s integration platform needs. BizTalk Server is good at integrating with different technology and formats, and it monitors the various flows well. Together with Orango’s integration team, Scandbio automated its flows and integrations with suppliers.

The results are clear. The complex application landscape is under control, and operations are continuously becoming more and more digitized. The organization is also more efficient, and delivery dependability has increased.

Proactivity and Long-Term Planning Are Important

The project has been moving along smoothly, and the consultants have solved the bumps in the road quickly and with a high level of service. “Proactivity and input from experts on the subject are always important,” says Fagerkvist.

“The solution we have now is stable, and it is time to look to the future. Are we moving to the cloud? How much should we bring? We are putting our efforts into shaping long-term strategies, and Orango’s consultants are giving us valuable input on likely trends and what is relevant for us.”

Scandbio sells wood pellets, a completely renewable energy source made up of by-products from the forestry and sawmill industries. They operate in the Swedish market but also have sales branches in Denmark and Germany. The company has eight factories: seven in Sweden, and one in Lithuania. It has 140 employees and is owned by Neova and Lantmännen. Scandbio has a yearly turnover of about SEK 1 billion.

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