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Harmonious B2B and B2C E-Commerce at Scandbio

Scandbio is Sweden’s largest company in the wood fuel industry and produces and sells wood pellets, for example. Orango was entrusted with the task of building a B2B and B2C e-commerce solution on the same platform that could also revitalize the business for Scandbio’s resellers. 

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Scandbio now offers wood pellets for both consumers and resellers via its e-commerce solution.

The Need: Automate the Order Flow

When merging three separate brands into Scandbio, there was a need to create a joint website with an e-commerce solution. The e-commerce had to be aimed toward the company’s three customer segments: private customers, contract customers, and resellers. The solution also had to reduce internal costs by completely automating the order flow.

The Solution: B2B and B2C E-Commerce

With many years of experience in developing e-commerce solutions and with good insight into ERP systems, Orango solved Scandbio’s challenges. A sophisticated e-commerce solution with integrations for Scandbio’s current ERP system was built on a robust platform, including:

  • Different assortments depending on the customer
  • Different payment rules and methods for different customer types
  • Different delivery options depending on the customer
  • Integration of all order management, customer information, delivery, and shipping

To revitalize the resellers’ business, an opportunity was created for customers to choose delivery from their closest reseller instead of from Scandbio. Resellers can also place orders for their customers through the e-commerce solution. This has increased the use of digital sales and reduced the internal administrative workload.

The Result: Reduced Costs and Additional Sales

Thanks to the automated order flow and simpler administration of products from the ERP system and out onto the website, Scandbio has reduced its costs since the website was launched. The web solution also drives additional sales.

Project Information

Project: Website with an e-commerce platform thatis integrated with the ERP system for product and order management.

Customer: Scandbio

Partner: NY Collective for UI/UX.

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