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SabaFruit Praised for Successful ERP Implementation

SabaFruit, a fruits and vegetable wholesaler based in Helsingborg, Sweden, implemented its new ERP system, Bison, at the end of 2018.

“What you fear when implementing a new ERP system is the downtime. We shut everything down on Friday evening and were operational again on Sunday, meaning that our customers received their orders as normal. The short downtime is unique for the industry, and I have never heard of anything like it before,” says SabaFruit’s CMO Mathias Persson.

The perishable goods industry in general, and companies selling fruits and vegetables, in particular, have unique demands when it comes to ERP systems. The systems have to be able to handle a large number of transactions and must come with processes that support traceability, billing, and special pricing models. The industry also makes heavy demands on system reliability.

“Since we started using Bison 18 months ago, we have not experienced a single stoppage that has had any effect on the customers. We believe this system is going to work for us for many years,” says Persson.

The project of implementing Bison, which SabaFruit carried out together with Orango, stuck to the schedule and was completed within budget. The project was actually so successful that the independent ERP specialist Herbert Nathan named it the best ERP project in Sweden.

Talk to me if you would like to learn more about how a system designed for the perishable goods industry could help you.

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