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System Development in a Long-Term Partnership

A good business system saves both time and money by making processes more efficient. By evaluating experiences from previous, similar projects, the quality of the end result will be better. System development, maintenance, and support for larger companies is a big commitment that requires a dedicated IT supplier. Regionfastigheter i Jönköping and Orango have had a long and successful partnership during which they have developed a process support solution that is currently used by 16 out of the 21 county councils in Sweden.

PTS program for teknisk standard webb
PTS–Program for Technological Standards

A Business System for 16 out of the 21 County Councils in Sweden

Work on the Program for Technological Standards (PTS) goes back to the 1970s when the Ryhov county hospital was going to be built in the Swedish city Jönköping. Technological and functional demands for the medical facilities were defined. These became the new standards for the construction of new medical facilities and applied not only to Jönköping county but to all counties in the country. During the early 2000s, PTS was developed into a web-based IT solution.

Orango has been supplying PTS for over 10 years. The delivery includes hosting, maintenance, and support for the system that is currently used by 16 out of the 21 county councils in Sweden.

Charlotte Bruun mozaik
Charlotte Bruun, Research and Development Manager at Regionfastigheter i Jönköping

Quality Ensured Delivery

Charlotte Bruun is research and development manager at Regionfastigheter i Jönköping and project manager for PTS. She explains how PTS works:

“During the planning phase for a construction project, what operations will need from its facilities is discussed together with a facilities planner. There are already a number of pre-defined spaces in the PTS solution, so-called typical rooms with standard contents and attributes, which can be used as support during these discussions. The typical rooms become templates for a room function program (RFP), which describes the function and requirements for the space in the current construction project, which then serves as a foundation for the execution.”

Since hospitals are usually highly technological facilities, they are considered more complex than other buildings, such as houses and apartment buildings. With hospital buildings, there are different needs and requirements regarding energy, hygiene classifications, treatment, and so on. The process support features in PTS ensure the construction of efficient and sustainable facilities.

PTS Forum is Driving Development Forward

PTS is not just a technological tool. It is also an organizationPTS Forumwhich is made up of the 16 councils using the tool. This organization is a platform for research into the subject, exchanging experiences, and developing the system. Representatives from the county councils cooperate with construction project managers to keep improving the system.

“PTS helps make medical facilities functional for its users and ensures long-term sustainability. We do this by cooperating with the county councils and by contributing to developing the construction of medical facilities in Sweden,” explains Bruun.

A Research Project With Chalmers University of Technology

Regionfastigheter has taken part in a couple of research projects per year since 2010. The results are added to the database and lead to new requirements and instructions being added to PTS.

“Historically, PTS is built on the experience of how medical facilities should be designed—on laws, regulations, and construction norms. But since 2010, the work we do is also evidence-based. Right now, there is an ongoing collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology regarding facilities for mental health treatment. We are looking at how facilities should be designed to meet the needs in the mental health treatment field to ensure the best care for patients and the best working environment for staff,” says Bruun.

Spira Cultural Center Was Built With the Help of PTS

The vision is for a PTS Sweden: A national standard that effectively ensures quality and continuous improvement in the construction of efficient and sustainable facilities. This will reduce costs and improve operations on every level.

“PTS improves more than health care. Other construction projects could be more efficient with the help of PTS. In Jönköping, Spira Cultural Center was built with the help of PTS,” says Bruun.

Visualizing With Power BI

Future plans focus even more on improving quality. The county councils’ use of PTS can be analyzed and visualized with the help of Power BI. In that way, joint information across the county councils can be reused to increase standardization, and everyone can be offered medical facilities of the same quality, regardless of whether they are in Stockholm or Malmö.

PTS System is a web-based IT system developed with Microsoft's development platform. To assure the quality of the development process, Visual Studio Team Services is used in the Azure cloud solution, where GIT is used for version management, and the code standard is Model-View-Controller (MVC).

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