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Radiator VVS Took Control of Its Operations With the Help of 4PS Construct

A thorough retooling to increase efficiency, which focused on the main processes and involved the staff, resulted in a total solution that helped Radiator take control of its operations. The solution saves both time and money.

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Radiator VVS was founded in 1924. Since then, the company has been working on HVAC and pipe installation projects with customers like property owners, trustees, the manufacturing industry, companies, and the public sector. Today, Radiator has a turnover of about half a billion Swedish kronor and close to 400 employees in more than 20 locations throughout Sweden.

As Radiator expanded and acquired more offices and more companies, the need to evaluate its business system grew. The previous solution did not come with any features for follow-up and reporting. Many processes also had to be managed manually, and getting an overview of projects was impossible.

The choice fell on the 4PS Construct business system, a total solution for the industry, with the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the foundation.

4PS is easy to work with, and we get the right information in the right place, which gives us full control over our operations. Switching ERP systems is a large investment, but I’m guessing that the payback period on the investment we made in 4PS will be less than a year. Everything is so much better organized here now. We know what we make on every order, which we did not know Before.

Mikael Eliasson, CEO, Radiator VVS

Automated Flows Gives Full Control of Operations

Today, Radiator manages its project processes from the business system 4PS Construct. Projects are created with a budget and a payment plan, and the client pays installments as the project progresses. Costs in the form of supplier invoices and time reports are linked to the project. The production staff enters monthly forecasts into the system, which are used to calculate the percentage of completion. Throughout the whole project, project managers have full control and an overview of how the project is proceeding.

The purchasing process is managed using the Symbrio purchasing system, which is tightly integrated with 4PS. Unlike in the past, when the process had to be handled manually, today the flow is entirely automated.

The service order management features in 4PS are used for smaller and shorter jobs, such as for forward invoicing of costs based on a pricelist or after mark-ups.

Radiator benefits from many advantages with an ERP system developed for the installation industry.

Committed Staff and Close Cooperation With Your Partners Are Important

Hard work and a committed staff are required for an implementation project to be successful. From day one, Radiator has focused on the production department and has included its staff in the project. Key persons from production have been involved in defining needs and evaluating solutions.

Cooperation and dialog with partners are also essential factors in the success of the project.

“We do business with people. Yes, the system is important, but if you don’t have the right people on the other side of the table, you will not be able to create anything together at all,” says Mikael Eliasson, CEO, Radiator VVS.

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