Orango | Panduro Hobby använder Bison sedan 2003

Panduro Stimulates Creativity in the Whole Nordic Region; Bison Helps

Panduro Hobby

Panduro Hobby is the leading distributor of craft materials in the Nordic region and has an assortment of over 9,000 products. Distribution takes place through its own stores, resellers, mail order, and wholesaling. With a unique assortment of products, Panduro Hobby offers inspiration for creative crafting throughout the Nordic region.

Panduro Hobby has been using the ERP system Bison since 2003. As the company has expanded, Bison has been developed to meet new operational needs.

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Trendy Craft Materials for Everyone

One of the keys to Panduro Hobby’s success is the ability to identify trends. By constant development of new products and skillful purchasing, the assortment is renewed several times per year, so it always feels fresh, interesting, and trendy.

New Possibilities With Bison

Every year, over 3,000 products are replaced with new ones. The road from an idea to a sellable product means that a large amount of data in the form of texts, classifications, purchasing prices, inventory management parameters, and sales prices has to be entered into the ERP system.

The information has to be collected and entered quickly, smoothly, and in a transparent way. A system is also needed to ensure that all product data is accurate and complete before the start of every launch, which happen periodically throughout the year.

Bison Shortens Lead Times

Thanks to Bison’s flexible structure, Orango has been able to develop an application customized to Panduro Hobby’s request to have all the essential information about its products in the same place. Responsibility for the product data is divided through a role-based access structure. The product data, which was previously managed in other systems, was consolidated in Bison, which became the owner of all product data. This enabled Panduro Hobby’s purchasing team to register all product information in the same system and thereby get a better overview of the whole process.

We needed a system that reflected our new processes for launching new products into Panduro’s assortment. Our goal was to increase the quality of our product information and, at the same time, shorten lead times, meaning the time that passes from when we decide to include a product in the assortment until it is ready to be sold and delivered. With the new features added to Bison, we have a solution that is tailored to our unique needs. Now we have a system that completely supports our process for introducing new products. The time from idea to when a product is ready to be sold in our stores is significantly shorter, and the quality of our data register has increased. Thanks to short lead times, we can now plan according to much longer time horizons. Orango has installed and developed Bison in a way that has made our routines very efficient. We have reached our goals and beyond!

Rickard Kemfors, CEO, Panduro Hobby

About the Bison ERP System

Bison is a complete ERP system on the IBM platform and is for companies in the trade, wholesale, or mail-order industry. Besides modules for finance, orders, warehousing, invoicing, and purchasing, Bison also supports e-commerce processes and BI (business intelligence). Bison is owned and developed by Orango.

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