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More Efficient Logistics and an Improved Overview of Operations When Nimatopaal Chose Dynamics NAV

As the business group grew, using several different ERP systems became unmanageable and expensive. Nimatopaal needed to make a change, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV played a crucial role in the company’s digital transformation. Now resellers of Nic Ice products all over Europe can coordinate their sales, warehousing, and logistics.

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If you like ice cream, you will most likely have come across one of Nimatopaal’s products. With the Nic Ice brand, Nimatopaal is the market leader in Sweden when it comes to all the accessories related to ice cream sales, including sprinkles, sauces, cups, spoons, etc.

Since 2005, Nimatopaal has been part of the Norwegian business group Idun, which in turn is part of the Orkla group. Today, 13 companies in 7 countries market and sell Nic Ice products. The group is growing through acquisition of new companies, and when new companies are purchased, their old ERP systems come along with them. Since the companies use different systems, getting an overview of things quickly becomes messy and complicated. Being able to implement the same system for all companies in the group, therefore, became a deciding factor when choosing a system that would support the company’s digital transformation. Moreover, the system had to be an ERP system for trading companies that focus on logistical processes.

Two to three years ago, Nimatopaal needed to replace its old system. We looked into several different alternatives but chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV because it would be the easiest and most cost-efficient to scale up to be used at more companies and in more countries.

Ulrik Moes, Business Development Manager, Nic Ice

Results in Real Time

The biggest benefit of the cloud-based ERP system from Microsoft is real-time information, which creates many new possibilities for the company.

“Before, Nimatopaal did not have the support it needed when it comes to logistics, which meant they could not get real-time data for those processes. It was not until much later that they could see how efficient their operations were,” says Thorvald Apelkrans, Business Development Manager at Orango, who has been responsible for implementing Dynamics NAV at Nimatopaal and who now works on rolling out the system across all the European companies.

Apelkrans emphasizes three things that he thinks stand out with the solution they have implemented.

“The first thing is that we have created a global and scalable solution with a template database as its foundation. On top of it, we have added country–specific features that help manage different accounting regulations, for example.

“Through Microsoft Dynamics NAV, all companies work according to the same process and have access to some basic data; data for all products are managed jointly, for example. This means that at the group level, it is easier to manage and analyze operations with the analytics tool Microsoft Power BI, and no time has to be spent manually compiling reports for management meetings because the data is already available,” explains Apelkrans.

New Solution for Managing Internal Logistics

Since Nimatopaal is a logistics-heavy company, it is important to be in control of both the logistics chain as a whole and also the internal logistics processes at the warehouses.

“The third thing is that we have installed a PDA-based scanner solution from Tasklet Factory. This will mean fewer picking errors, more efficient inbound deliveries, and full control of the inventory, which means that the e-commerce store can be updated in real time,” says Apelkrans.

When all companies in the group use the same system, then support, maintenance, and upgrades are easier and cheaper. The companies can also more easily share experiences with each other.

“If a company gets stuck on some issue, you can check and see if someone else in the group has a solution to the problem. And if someone has figured out a particularly smart way of using the system, they can easily share that knowledge with the other companies,” says Ulrik Moes, Business Development Manager at Nic Ice.

The next step for Nimatopaal and Nic Ice is to continue the roll-out of Microsoft Dynamics NAV across all their European subsidiaries. And Orango is coming along on that journey.

“We are very happy with Orango. We have not had any problems at all; everyone has been easy to work with and has really felt like part of the organization. It is bold of a relatively small company to take on the challenge of rolling the system out all over Europe,” says Moes.

Modern ERP for Trading Companies

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