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The Right ERP System for Gastropartner – From Zero to Millions in Five Months

Gastropartner is a restaurant wholesaler based in the southernmost Swedish region of Scania. The company focuses on pizzerias and snack bars and is a supplier of everything from food and drink to disposable items and packaging materials. The company is part of the business group Mirim Gruppen AB – a buying organization made up of nine independent wholesalers. Now that the Mirim Gruppen has established itself in Malmö, it can serve customers all over Sweden – from the far north to the south. Thanks to its purchasing power, it can offer products to customers at the lowest costs possible.

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Requirements: A Cloud-Based Solution From a Larger Platform

Even though Gastropartner is a newly established company, the men behind it have been in the wholesale industry for more than 20 years. Hasan Akay and his partner Cem Aydin have extensive experience with various ERP systems thanks to their many years in the industry. They knew from the start that the most important requirement for a new ERP system was that it be cloud-based—to avoid having to handle their own hardware. It was also important that the system be built on one of the platforms provided by the biggest suppliers, since the ability to have many users creates better conditions for support and shared innovation and development power. Akay explains:

“We settled on Business Central as our ERP system early on because it builds on the Microsoft platform Dynamics 365. The only real issue, therefore, was which partner would be able to meet our needs when it came to delivery and implementation of the solution. It was important to us that there would be a local connection because we are now putting a lot of effort into our operations in the Scania region. That is how we first came into contact with Orango. We described the features that are required for our particular industry. After a demonstration of the system and the features it could offer, we were convinced that our decision to go with Business Central was indeed right.”

Quicker Implementation Without Customizations and Technological Baggage

For Gastropartner, the most important thing was to get the company started as soon as possible. Starting with a completely new system, without technological “baggage” with data and statistics that needed transferring, was, therefore, a big advantage. With only six months to get the system in place before the launch of the company, the choice fell on the EasyStar package solution of Business Central, with the standard flows– a setup that has proven to be particularly beneficial for companies starting from scratch and in need of a best practice solution.

We have gone from a zero Swedish kronor monthly turnover in June to over four million, five months later.

Hasan Akay, part-owner of Gastropartner

In previous systems Akay and Aydin have used, many features have needed customizing, but this has not been necessary with the EasyStar solution because the features required to get started were already part of the standard package. Akay, again, says:

“In a few years, we might need more features, but at the moment, we are doing just fine with the standard package. And when the need does arise, it is possible that those features will have already become standard as well. The fact that it was so easy and quick to implement the ERP system has resulted in us going from a zero Swedish kronor monthly turnover in June to over four million, five months later.”

Cloud-Based, Mobile, and Automated

According to Akay, what differentiates Business Central and EasyStar from the ERP systems he has worked with in the past essentially comes down to the fact that it is a cloud-based solution. He explains:

“The work also goes so much smoother because we can use a mobile app. Mobility is very important, since both my partner and I live in Uppsala, an hour north of Stockholm; we are often traveling and want to be able to work no matter where we are. Now that we have learned to handle the system to a basic degree, the next step will be automating more processes, especially our warehousing processes, with automatic ordering suggestions, and so on. Features that already exist but that we are not using fully yet. Now that we have access to sales statistics and a planning horizon to start with, it will be easier to benefit fully from the automated features.”

The security that comes with Orango is founded in its genuine understanding of what our company needs.

Hasan Akay, part-owner of Gastropartner

A Supplier With an Understanding of Your Business

Akay wants to round off by making a case for Orango. He especially wants to highlight its insight into and its general understanding of how to do business—something that, according to him, builds strong trust.

“Many suppliers that we have been in contact with before think like programmers rather than in terms of business, which makes it difficult to understand our needs. We feel secure using Orango’s services because we never have to explain what we are thinking to them. It all comes down to the genuine understanding Orango’s consultants have of what our operations need.”


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