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The Logistics Expert Furniturebox’s Success Story With Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The company revolutionized the furniture industry and has since seen incredible growth. The Stockholm-based supernova Furniturebox highlights cost awareness, constantly improved processes, and a really good system as keys to its success.

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Furniturebox was founded in 2006 and was something of a pioneer in the Swedish market. Furniture e-commerce was still unexplored territory at that time, which the founders of the company realized, and which inspired them to launch Furniturebox.se, an online furniture store. After a few years of having both an e-commerce business and brick-and-mortar stores, Furniturebox decided to focus fully on e-commerce. Since then, the company has grown rapidly.

At the same time as the business started to really boom in 2008, Furniturebox decided to acquire the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It had previously used a simpler business system, which did not support its logistics operations – a fundamental part of the company. Switching to Dynamics NAV at such an early stage was a big decision and has influenced the company’s success story ever since.

We actually bought NAV very early, perhaps at a point when the company was too small. But the good thing with that is that we had a system that we could grow with, and that has solved the problems we faced along the way, so it was a successful investment.

Richard Liinamo, IT, sales and logistics at Furniturebox

The Importance of a System That Supports Business Development for Furniturebox

To achieve Furniturebox’s vision—to become Sweden’s largest online furniture store—is something that requires enormous efforts in business development. Looking at the growth rate over the last few years, the company’s ERP system has been able to provide the support needed to grow.

“When business processes become more and more complex, NAV can handle it,” says Liinamo.

Today, Furniturebox uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV in combination with a more advanced WMS solution and a sophisticated integration for its e-commerce business, and also benefits from the advantages of an ERP system customized for trading companies. Furniturebox is always working to improve the customers’ online experience with everything from product information and ordering to purchasing, logistics, warehousing, delivery, and follow-up.

Besides managing its logistics with Dynamics NAV, Furniturebox uses LogTrade, a digital logistics system, to manage shipping. Moreover, invoice scanning, interpreting, and approval flows are managed using Readsoft and ExFlow. All systems are seamlessly integrated with the ERP system.

Review Your Company’s Internal Processes to Find New Smart Solutions

Moving forward with the ongoing work of optimizing its business processes, Furniturebox has taken command and is leading the improvement work itself. The partnership with Orango has worked well over the years, and together the companies have customized the ERP system to support further improvement in the best possible way.

“Orango gives you the feeling of being a small-sized supplier that also carries a great deal of muscle. The consultants really know our operations and are very proactive, which suits a company like ours that is constantly growing,” says Liinamo.

Modern ERP for Trading Companies

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