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Planner, the Key to Success Solution for Elgiganten

Elgiganten Logistik AB’s partnership with Orango goes back many years. Its IT department had been working on creating a solution for following up on workloads and productivity for a long time. It turns out Orango’s total solution was just what the company needed.

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Elgiganten Logistik supplies products to 390 stores in the Nordic region

Elgiganten is one of the leading white-goods and home electronics chain stores in Sweden. Elgiganten Logistik AB manages and is continuously working on improving its 95,000 square-meter distribution center in Jönköping, Sweden. It is from this distribution center that the 390 Elgiganten stores in the Nordic region are supplied with goods. Elgiganten Logistik also sends products directly to consumers when orders are made online on the website. 350 people are employed here in the off-season. In the high season, double that amount work a three-shift schedule.

Accurate Numbers

Orango’s original solution, Target Reporting, measures and follows workloads and productivity for all work activities. The results are used in the ongoing work of improving operations and serve as a foundation for the bonus system.

“Before, we could not completely trust our information,” says Lard Bergh, CFO at Elgiganten Logistik AB. “Now, there is no need to doubt the figures.”

We save an enormous amount of time and can focus on analyzing the information instead of on collecting and controlling it.

Lars Bergh, CFO at Elgiganten Logistik AB

Budget Work With Amazing Results

The system was supplemented with the Planner solution in 2014. Together with Target Reporting, Planner helps Elgiganten forecast and budget all other staffing and operational costs.

“We used the new application for the first time to do the 2015 budget, and the result was amazing. We saved an enormous amount of time and could focus on analyzing the information instead of on collecting and controlling it. Over the years since then, we have continued to develop the application together with Orango, and now we use the same approach when it comes to budgeting, with even better results,” Bergh adds.

Financial Reporting

Elgiganten is part of the Norwegian Elkjop group, which in turn is owned by British Dixons Carphone. This group makes heavy demands on financial reporting – both follow-ups and accurate forecasts for workloads and cost trends.

“Our owners want monthly reports and forecasts. Before, the heads of the departments used to send in Excel documents, all with different formatting, which meant it took a long time to compile the information,” explains Bergh. “Now, the just over 20 users can work directly in the system, and I have the reports compiled quickly.”

Increased Visualization of the Data

The next step is to develop the solution so that it can visualize and present data in a more accessible way.

“We on the management team work with three areas for success – sour so-called intelligences. Planner is one of those, and we are looking forward to continuing to develop the solution together with Orango,” concludes Bergh.

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