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Däckforum Improved Its Business and Operations with Microsoft Dynamics and Orango

After a few years with a system customized for end-consumer sales, the wholesaler Däckforum decided to switch systems. The flexibility of Dynamics NAV, together with Orango’s experience in the tire industry, resulted in a switch to Dynamics NAV.

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Däckforum, which was founded in 2001, is a tire wholesaler based in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden. After a few years with a system customized for end-consumer sales and not for wholesaling, the decision was made to look for a new, flexible ERP system.

Since the industry is clearly seasonal, it was essential to find a system that could adjust to high and low seasons. An ambition to grow as a company also made heavy demands on the system’s ability to adapt. The choice fell on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Orango’s insight and experience with trading companies and the tire industry, together with the system’s features for wholesale companies, was an excellent match for Däckforum’s needs.

Everything is going very quickly, and we are a small company, but we want to move forward. We will use every tool needed for that—in this case, a flexible system that allows us to do what we want and need when it comes to information.

Peter Åsén, CIO at Däckforum

Excellent Communication and Understanding of Operations Is a Necessity

For an implementation to be successful, clear and straightforward communication between partners and customers is a necessity. Once the needs and processes are clear, it is easier to create good dynamics within the partnership and work towards a common goal.

“When you speak the same language, communication will be good and you will understand each other. A good starting point and a partner that can deliver as promised are also important,” explains Åsén.

Smoother Order Management Saves Time and Money

Today, Däckforum uses the same solution to manage purchasing, warehousing, sales, and finances: Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Integrations have been set up with the website, the suppliers, and multiple external warehouses to further streamline operations.

For Däckforum, the project has resulted in a quicker and more efficient order management process—from ordering to delivery—for example, something that is crucial for the company during the high season. Däckforum is always working, together with Orango, to improve its processes.

“An active and interested customer who wants to be part of developing the solution together with us is worth a fortune to us as a partner,” says Per Jorling, sales manager at Orango.

A Modern ERP System for Trading Companies

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