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Increased Efficiency at Bergman & Beving With the BI Solution Warehousing Productivity

From a manual and time-consuming process to an automated solution that increases warehousing productivity, information security, and quality—this is the journey Bergman & Beving Logistics has taken.

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New Demands on the ERP System

Measuring and following up warehousing and logistics operations is important. At Bergman & Beving, staff used to obtain data for follow-ups manually from the company’s various systems. It was both time-consuming and person-dependent. Just over 10 years ago, a decision was made to introduce an automated solution. The choice fell to Orango’s  Warehousing Productivity.

Warehousing Productivity is an Automated BI Solution With Visualization in Power BI

Tobias Johansson began working as a warehouse worker at Bergman & Beving Logistics 12 years ago. Since then, he has worked as an operational planner and business developer. For a few years now, he’s been the company’s CIO, responsible for the ERP system, the TMS, the customs system, and the warehousing productivity solution Power BI.

“We were looking for a tool that could measure all of the warehousing operations and push business development forward. We went with Warehousing Productivity because it is an automated solution that collects current data from all our systems every night and consolidates it."

Information for All Levels of the Company

Warehousing Productivity fetches transaction data from the business systems and collects it in a data warehouse. Any approvals and adjustments can then be made by production managers or team leaders via a web application. It is also possible to add the company’s indirect operating activities in the app. KPIs are visualized in straightforward views and in reports with the use of  Power BI.

All employees at Bergman & Beving Logistics view the metrics and KPIs for all logistics flows via devices out in the warehouse.

For the management team, the system is an important tool for improvement work and following up on the company’s operations on a day-to-day basis.

Bergman & Beving Logistics’ customers also have access to the KPIs for their own logistics process, starting with purchase orders and customer orders. That enables them to analyze and affect their logistics flows themselves. This streamlines and improves overall quality of the logistics processes.

Besides helping us improve our own internal processes, improvements to the logistics flow also improves quality for our customers.

Tobias Johansson, CIO at Bergman & Beving Logistics

The Most Important KPIs for Warehousing and Logistics

“The total productivity for the entire warehousing operations is our most important KPI,” says Johansson. “The management team is working on a data model that generates all KPIs. These can then be broken down and assigned to individuals. We can, for example, set up a goal for the warehouse manager, which can then be broken down further into multiple levels, such as team leader level, workflow level, and individual employee level. Actions for how the goals are going to be reached are then created for each level.”

Improved Productivity and Increased Quality

Warehousing productivity has increased, and information security is high. The data has been cleansed, is accurate, and, above all, is accessible. Thanks to  Power BI,  every team leader can visualize his or her own fresh data in straightforward reports and can work on their own productivity.

“Besides helping us improve our own internal processes, improvements to the logistics flow also improves quality for our customers,” concludes Johansson.

Bergman & Beving  is a business group that owns and develops brands in the manufacturing and construction industries. The company has resellers in several countries—the main markets are Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Its operations are divided into three segments: Building Materials, Workplace Safety, and Tools & Consumables. Each segment has many strong brands. The group has 1,031 employees and a yearly turnover of SEK 3.9 million. Bergman & Beving Logistics is classified as a 3PL within the group. Together with itscustomers, logistics solutions are developed and run at the warehouse in Ulricehamn, Sweden.

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Johannes Gustafsson is a Business Developer within Data Analytics and Business Intelligence at Orango. Johannes was part of the Orango team that helped Bergman & Beving to make their Warehouse Management more effective.

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