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The Best Workplace in the Industry

We know. Every self-respecting company says it wants to be a modern company and the best workplace in its industry. Everyone says that employees are the most important thing in the company. We say the same thing. That is why we have a long-term strategic plan and a clear activity list for how to achieve that. The work we do is based on research that shows that motivation and commitment are the keys to happy employees.


It all starts with leadership. Good, clear, inspiring leaders are the most important ingredient for creating motivation and commitment.

That is why we are always working on leadership development at Orango. A leader at Orango has a big heart and will lead and coach team members with the help of goalsetting follow-ups and efficient communication.


Each and every one of us is responsible for our roles as employees and colleagues. We know that commitment makes us feel good and perform well.

All employees at Orango, regardless of their role, have their own development plan and clear goals to work toward that are regularly followed up. Everyone can affect their own situation and contribute to our joint development here.

Great Place To Work

We have engaged the company Great Place to Work to help us measure what drives commitment in our organization. Great Place to Work starts with five factors that have been proven important in creating employee commitment: credibility, respect, justice, pride, and camaraderie.

The results from the employee surveys help us understand what we need to work on to actively improve our workplace culture.

We also encourage initiatives that strengthen us as a team, and we will, of course, listen to our employees in all matters that concern Orango – both big and small.