Orango | SydGrönt Chooses Bison in Order to Continue to Grow

SydGrönt Chooses Bison in Order to Continue to Grow

In Spring 2019, SydGrönt’s Bison implementation went live.

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“SydGrönt has a complex structure. We work with many growers, handle large volumes, and use many tailored solutions. We are in an expansive and eventful phase. The new IT platform makes it possible for us to grow and meet new requirements for labeling and other things related to the increased automatization in the food industry,” says Sara Berger, CEO of SydGrönt.

For Orango, the SydGrönt project was part of an intentional effort to help companies in the perishable goods industry implement a modern ERP system.

“We are happy that the launch of the new implementation at SydGrönt was so successful. We have really picked up steam when it comes to fruits and vegetables; this is the third implementation project completed within a year for that industry. Bison, in combination with the experience our consultants have in the industry, adds many opportunities and benefits to SydGrönt’s operations,” says Emil Pennlöv, project manager at Orango.

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