Orango | Orango Certified as a Litium Business Consultant

Orango Certified as a Litium Business Consultant

As a certified Litium business consultant, Orango can help you run your e-commerce business on the Litium platform.

Victory mozaik

In November, Orango and Litium strengthened their partnership when Orango became a certified Litium business consultant.

The training and certification were done on Litium 7, the latest version of the platform. Litium 7 focuses extensively on customer experience and globalization, and as an e-commerce platform, it is easy to develop and use. Litium 7 improves the user experience and uses an entirely new user interface for content management. It makes the editor’s job easier when it comes to product management, campaigns, and publishing.

Our certified Litium business consultants along with our certified developers can help you with the tool and can map how Litium can best support your operations. We offer professional support for all parts of your projects, from developing the strategy, project management, and development to maintenance and hosting