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Orango and SabaFruit Receive Award for Most Successful ERP System Project of the Year

At the industry expo Forum4IT, the Bison implementation project Orango carried out together with SabaFruit was named last year’s best ERP system project.

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Orango’s Jacob Gieselsson and Emil Pennlöv, together with SabaFruit’s Mathias Persson and Cecila Randau, surrounded by representatives from Herbert Nathan presenting the award.

“This is a great honor and a valuable testament to the fact that Orango and Bison are compatible with the perishable goods industry. The staff of SabaFruits should also be mentioned; the key users have played an important role, especially when it comes to the internal improvement process. This has very much contributed to how the organization has embraced the system and the new work processes,” says Jacob Giselsson, Business Unit Manager for Bison.

“The project team has made a magnificent effort and been attentive to customer needs. I am super proud of our work,” adds Emil Pennlöv, project manager for the implementation.

Mathias Persson was in charge of the system change at SabaFruit. We asked him some questions.

Congratulations on the award, Mathias! What, in your opinion, were the most critical factors inmaking the project such a success?
First and foremost, we at SabaFruit realized the importance of assigning time and resources for the project. We also found long-term employees with experience and extensive insight into the way we work to take part in the project—and they did so with much dedication. Moreover, we worked with the team from Orango to customize the system, which was made much easier because they understood our business concept. Finally, we did some comprehensive testing and also trained all employees continuously during the project.

Looking back, what about the implementation are you most happy about?
That we were able to get the system launched with such short downtime and without any critical errors. Our customers pretty much did not even notice that we had carried out such a big operational change—all the processes were working.

To conclude, why did you choose Bison as your new ERP system?
Bison is a flexible system compared to many others we looked at. When it comes to the part of the perishable goods industry we are active in—the free market—where the customer is always in focus, flexibility is essential. I think Bison enables this.

Is Your Company in the Perishable Goods Industry? Do You Need to Modernize Your System?

Many companies in the perishable goods industry have faced challenges when implementing ERP systems in the last few years. The industry is characterized by complex processes that the systems that dominate the Swedish ERP system market today often lack the features to support. Feel free to contact me for information about how Orango and Bison could help your company.

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