Waste Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365

A solution that allows the industry to focus on its main task: A cleaner world.

Bransch Avfall

More Efficiency with an ERP System for Waste and Recycling

The waste and recycling industry is contributing to our joint future. With a solution specifically developed for companies in this industry, we are helping to simplify and streamline their work.

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The challenges of the waste and recycling industry and the needs of the companies lead to heavy demands on business systems to prevent the administrative side of operations from becoming overwhelmed. It is common to have several parallel IT solutions and systems for different parts of the operations, which makes it difficult to gain an overview of all the processes and reduces efficiency.

How do we create a solution for this industry that increases efficiency? By supplementing a stable basic system with a number of industry-specific features for managing, for example, work orders, which handle the outbound and inbound flow of material and money, containers, as well as landfill and environment taxes. This allows us to create a solution that allows the industry to focus on its main task: A cleaner world.

“The new solution means that we now have one platform instead of multiple ones. It increases our level of control and streamlines our processes.”

Gunilla Carlsson, Communications Manager at Sysav

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