A Solution for the Hardware and Construction Industry

Lomond Industrier uses Bison as the only ERP System in its group.

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An ERP System for the Hardware and Construction Industry

Many Swedish wholesalers in the hardware and construction industry spend a lot of valuable time managing complicated order processes, in spite of the fact that e-commerce platforms and solutions for EDI management that can be integrated with ERP systems are available on the market. Maybe you are still punching orders manually when you could let your customers do the work for you – with increased efficiency and increased customer satisfaction as a direct result.

Another system challenge for those selling hardware and construction material is the complex pricing that is standard in the industry. It is not uncommon for almost every customer to have individual contractual prices and for the knowledge of what those are to be sitting only in the head of certain staff members. What would it be like if your ERP system could help you gain full control of those prices and ensure that margins never become too small?

Orango has always had customers in the hardware and construction industry. We know that you and your company need reliable systems, short response times, and the capacity to manage the large volume of transaction data that characterizes your industry. And we know how to build a system environment that meets those demands.

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