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We support companies in establishing end-to-end business processes for planning and automatization.

Koncept Verkstad

System Solutions for Make to Order

Make to Order production in Sweden is something completely different today compared to 10–15 years ago. The end-consumer has much sharper demands for lead times and delivery security at the same time as you, in order to stay competitive on the market, have to optimize warehouse management and keep delivery costs low for incoming deliveries from your suppliers.

We are currently seeing a strong driving force in the Swedish manufacturing industry when it comes to digitization. In order to complete the digital transformation process in an efficient way and to stay competitive in the future, your company needs:

  • A functioning digitization plan
  • A modern support system
  • Tons of experience with similar journeys of change

Orango has over 20 years of experience in ERP solutions and end-to-end processes in make-to-order manufacturing and other advanced production control. We can help you get the system and processes in place.

Would You Like Shorter Lead-Times from Order to Delivery? Talk to me!

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Fredrik Roos
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