A Solution for Companies With a Fast Turnover Rate on Their Products

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The ERP System for Those in the Perishable Goods Industry

Companies in the perishable goods industry are faced with unique challenges due to the limited durability of their products. No other industry has a faster turnover rate on its goods, and with tight margins, not a single batch can be wasted. The journey from the farm to the table must be quick, smooth, and efficient.

If you are working with perishable goods such as meat, fish, or produce, your ERP system needs to be reliable and able to handle a large amount of transaction data and fast-moving flows. Additionally, it must be easy to develop and customize the system to support constantly improving operations.

Wholesale companies and growers in the perishable goods industry also have to have an ERP system that makes easy to work with, for example:

  • Quality control
  • Traceability and batch management
  • Special price models
  • Settlements
  • Pallet and returns management

Orango’s consultants have gathered profound knowledge of the industry after working with leading actors in the perishable goods industry for many years. Our ERP system Bison has been developed specifically to support the most important and most critical business processes for the industry, including those mentioned above.

We know what is important to you today and what you need to do to be a competitive force in the future.

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