Are You Making Full Use of the Advantages of a Modern System that Automates Your Processes?

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ERP Systems for Service—Full Control Over Your Agreements and Contracts

For the service and maintenance industry, automatization is an important part of the work process. The whole chain, from error reports to invoicing maintenance via service orders and planning, can be automated to a large extent today. This goes for both planned and unplanned maintenance, of course. Automatization saves time and also reduces administration and the risk of errors.

Your business system has to be able to do more than support your automated flows. It is just as important for it to gather all the information in one place, where it can be easily accessed—information about everything from installed assets to service locations and maintenance schedules.

Since your service agreements control the management of all assets, you need a smooth way to handle the process—from planning to invoicing to follow-ups and analysis of existing agreements. Where do you make money and where can you make money by improving margins on future jobs?

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