Do You Want Full Financial and Operative Control Over Your Project from one Single View in Your System?

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Project Control is the Heart of an ERP System for Construction Companies

Ensuring correct financial follow-up and control of operations at a construction company often demands various business systems, processes, and system integrations from various sources and systems. The industry-specific regulations and norms, the many different types of policies, and the project accounting that is usually quite different from the more general accounting-related follow-up of results are often seen as challenges.

These make extra heavy demands on your ERP system. If you are going to be able to rest assured that you are in full control of your company’s accounting and results follow-up processes, you need to have access to all the information about individual activities and projects – something that can often be difficult.

For project-based companies that own and run larger construction projects, having control over the costs and the budget is very important. Full financial and operational control over all projects should, therefore, be a high-priority factor when evaluating and choosing a system for your company

We Are Specialists in ERP Systems for Construction Companies

Orango has long experience helping construction companies choose and implement the right ERP system for their project-oriented operations. For almost 10 years now, we have been the sole partner and vendor of 4PS Construct – one of the most complete ERP systems for companies in the construction, installation, and service industries in the Nordic region. With our unique knowledge of the industry, our specialists know what your kind of operations need.

  • Unique insight when it comes to ERP systems for the construction, installation, and service industries
  • The only vendor in the Nordic region offering the 4PS complete ERP solution
  • Long experience implementing solutions customized for companies’ individual operations and processes
  • Tried and tested project model -from analysis and implementation to regular management and maintenance

Do You Want Full Financial and Operative Control Over Your Project from one Single View in Your System? Talk to me!

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