Welcome Change – At Orango

We are Orango. Our whole existence revolves around helping other companies reach their full potential.

We do that by having an open mind, smart digital business platforms, and a friendly but firm approach to creating results.

Helping us succeed is our committed team of 250 employees at our offices in the Swedish towns and cities of Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Jönköping, Helsingborg, Växjö, and Kristianstad.

A confirmation that we are doing something right is that Orango has been ranked one of the top five suppliers of business-related IT for five years in a row.

SEK 350 million in yearly turnover, with a goal of reaching SEK 500 million in 2024
430 customers, 290 of them using a Microsoft platform
Just over 250 employees
Offices in 7 locations in Sweden
Top 5, five years in a row in Radar Ecosystem Specialists’ review of IT suppliers.
Global customer projects

Orango – Part of Fellowmind

In 2019, Orango became part of the Fellowmind family. Together, we constitute 1,350 colleagues in six European countries and a total turnover of 180 million euro. The strategic vision is to create a platform focusing on Microsoft Business Applications and Digital Workplace that will be supported by a multinational workforce of 2,500 people within five years. Moving forward, Fellowmind will focus on expansion by acquisition, and its ambition is to become one of Microsoft’s top 10 global partners.

The new platform will focus on building Fellowmind's brand, and with the joint view that employees are at the center of operations – held by the companies that make up Fellowmind – will concentrate on helping customers with their digital transformation.

Our mission and our vision are to change the industry, become the leader on the market, and help our team members and customers flourish.

How Does it Work in Practice?

Our ERP solutions make processes smarter. That is how we help companies work more efficiently and improve their business processes. To succeed, all solutions are built on a deep knowledge of a company’s operations and close systematic cooperation with the client. “We understand your business,” we usually say. The fact that we have chosen to focus on only a few interesting industries makes Orango a proactive partner that dares to challenge habitual routines and ways of thinking. With the right knowledge about the ERP system in question and a value-guided way of working, we create projects that are secure, have clearly set milestones, and where there is a good drive throughout the whole process. We welcome you to have a look at our business values below. Or read more about our solutions.

Our Business Values



We are considerate towards our colleagues, clients, and each other by always being there for one another and sharing our knowledge. We are team players who see the big picture, show an interest, and take responsibility.


We are businesslike, well prepared, and keep our promises. An honest group of people who dare to say no and who know that we always represent the whole company in every situation.


We want to push the market forward, and our own drive is the key. With a large portion of curiosity and a strong will to always do our best, we can be dedicated and proactive in every situation.


Orango is a ground-breaking company with the courage to do things differently. That is how we help both ourselves and our customers grow. The best solution is found outside the box.

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In the Lead

Orango’s goal is to reach a yearly turnover of SEK 500 million by the end of 2024. A profitable business with happy employees and with a focus on the customer.

How do you get there? To us, the answer is connection. A connection between the strategically long-term questions and the shorter-term operational questions. A connection between the CEO, senior management, staff, and customers. A connection to what we are all so passionate about: smart ERP solutions.

Meet our senior management team.

Our Milestones

  • 2003

  • Decido is Launched in Helsingborg

    10 employees focusing on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

  • 2008

  • Kompetensor is Launched in Malmö

    19 employees specializing in the IBM systems Bison and PRMS.

  • 2011

  • Decido and Kompetensor Merge

    … and form DecidoKompetensor, with 45 employees. Together, the companies launch their Microsoft Dynamics AX business.

  • 2014

  • Åhus Studiodata is Acquired

    Our Dynamics AX organization is strengthened when we acquire Åhus Studiodata and establish an office with six employees in the town of Kristianstad in southeastern Sweden.

  • DecidoKompetensor Changes Its Name to Orango

    The name Orango is born. Orango means orange in Esperanto, and the color stands for enthusiasm, happiness, attraction, and success.

  • We Break the 100 Million Barrier

    and together with Åhus Studiodata have a turnover of a bit more than SEK 100 million.

  • 2015

  • Orango Acquires Annata Sverige AB

    Orango acquires Stockholm-based Annata Sverige AB with its 13 employees and the strongest solutions on the market for automotive and machinery importers.

  • 2016

  • Sobro Becomes the New Main Owner of Orango

    Sobro’s vision is to be a committed owner for companies of the future that support entrepreneurs and management teams in making their companies even better.

  • Orango Acquires Sigma AB’s Dynamics NAV Business

    We continue on the path to becoming the sharpest Microsoft Dynamics NAV supplier on the market.

  • The First Dynamics 365 Deal in Sweden

    Orango makes the first Dynamics 365 deal in Sweden with a central ERP solution for Securitas.

  • New CEO

    Ronny Roos becomes Orango’s new CEO.

  • 2018

  • Orango Acquires Itero

    Orango acquires Itero with a staff of 35 and becomes the largest Dynamics NAV partner in Sweden. With a new office in Gothenburg, we can now be found in six locations in Sweden and have just over 150 employees.

  • Orango Acquires Pdb

    Orango acquires Pdb with 76 employees and thereby increases its offering by now also having business intelligence, e-commerce, and integration experts. With offices now also in Jönköping and Växjö, we can now be found in seven locations in Sweden and have just over 230 employees.

  • 2019

  • Orango – Part of Fellowmind

    FSN becomes the new main owner of Orango and also acquires the Finnish company eCraft and the Dutch group Fellowmind. Together, we become the Fellowmind family.

  • 2020

  • New CEO

    Anna Kleine becomes Orango’s new CEO.