EasyStar – ERP for trading and wholesale companies

The consultants at Orango have vast experience of helping trading and wholesale companies to develop their businesses. We know that every company is unique, but that many of them face the same challenges. Backed up by knowledge we have gathered from our many years working together with our customers, we have put together our best functions and add-ons for Dynamics NAV into something great.

Do you need your ERP system to support your trades with India and China? Or are you in need of handling transactions between different companies in the same corporate group? We make sure that your system contains the modules you need for business processes that are important to you.

Based on our 20 years within this business, we have carefully picked out the best add-ons for Dynamics NAV and bundled them up in three different packages. Which package suits your business best is determined by the complexity and size of your company. Forget about troublesome implementation projects with uncertain costs. Easy Star makes it simple for you to get your new system up and running and you do not need to worry about unexpected costs.

NAV Easy Star includes:

▪ Suitable add-ons for trading and wholesale companies

▪ A standardized implementation procedure executed by experienced consultants

▪ A predictable monthly cost in which support is included

▪ A smooth cloud service

A subscription on the latest version of Dynamics NAV that keeps you from ever suffering through an upgrade again